BAI 7002 Aluminum Brackets Kit
Technical drawings for BAI 7002 Aluminum Brackets Kit

BAI 7002 Aluminum Brackets Kit

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Suhui XinheAluminum Brackets Spare Kit


  • Sold as a set of 10
  • Crafted from aluminum
  • Each bracket is CNC processed, chemically cleaned and anodized black
  • Can be installed on the inside or outside and withstand hot and cold temperatures all year round
  • The wall furring system is designed to achieve the perfect level with ease, regardless of the wall it is being installed on


  • Bracket Dimensions: 3.9" x 1.4"
  • Kit Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • Box Size: 7.9" x 4.1" x 2.2"
  • SKU# BR-7002-10PS

Kit Includes:

  • 10x Brackets

    Optional Accessories: