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Since bathrooms are spaces that we use everyday, their importance is far greater than we give it credit for. Make your bathroom a modern sanctuary for cleanliness and comfort with our wide selection of bathroom products. A contemporary bathroom remodel can make a huge impact on your homes comfort level, not to mention its resale value.



The heart of the home. Kitchen designs add a touch of elegance and class to make any home unique. Our high quality handmade kitchen sinks and faucets are sure to bring you one step closer to achieving the functionality and look that you've been seeking.



Whether to be used for walls or for floors, these tiles are used extensively in all modern houses and projects in present times. Naturally, for a mass consumption category, cost effectiveness becomes extremely important.

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BAI 9017 Modern Statuario Glossy Porcelain Tile BAI 9032 Antolia Nero High Gloss Color Body Porcelain Tile BAI 9033 Antolia Crema High Gloss Color Body Porcelain Tile

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Porcelain Tile

Our collection of porcelain tiles bring the best aesthetics, durability and strength for all your surface covering needs without any compromise yet very affordable.

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Whether it's just a new kitchen sink or a newly remodeled bathroom, we would love to see and hear about your experience using our products!

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