Body Sprays / Jets

Get the best series of BAI body sprays. 

Are you in search of an excellent shower head that leaves you feeling invigorated and refreshed with every potent splash? Well, BAI body sprays are the perfect choice for you! Easily arranged in the way which is comfortable for each user, the units can be adjusted in horizontal and vertical to give each one a personalized touch. Designed in such a way that they spray water in specific wave pattern, BAI body spray is features a soft rubber spray jets allowing you to easily wipe away lime and calcium simply with one simple motion.  

The ultimate design in terms of style, comfort, and innovation, the great quality of the BAI shower spray will add a new elegance to your washroom. For a superior showering experience, it is important to choose body jets, which are powerful enough to easily exfoliate the skin while leaving it soft and supple. As only a good washroom accessory is enough to remodel the whole of it, it’s here for you in the form of the BAI body spray. 

Designed with stainless steel, this sturdy product has a full body spray pattern. Complete with a 52 degree adjustment spray angle, this product is the first choice among customers of all kinds. Available in different shapes such as round, square and oval, they are cUPC certified and accompanied with warranty, good for 3 full years.