Concealed Shower Mixers

Explore the all new range of shower mixers by BAI. 

If you are planning to purchase an advance featured thermostatic shower valve, then it’s time to check out the latest edition of this product. It is vital to pick a well-designed and high quality mixer for your shower when you are planning to remodel your bathroom. In this direction, a thermostatic pressure balance mixer / valve will be the best choice. Not only safer to use than other, similar models, but it’s also convenient enough to allow for many years of enjoyment with a limited amount of maintenance. Moreover, apart from being reasonably priced and easy to use and maintain, the volume control valves also protect users from the risk of scalding. Offering an array of world class designs of BAI shower fixtures at an affordable price, the concealed design of the bathtub faucet supports the shower well, making it scald proof. 

Pressure balance shower valve by BAI, is capable of maintaining the temperature of water throughout the shower session. This cutting edge technology helps by balancing out the temperature, making it a sync to avoid the sudden fluctuations of water temperatures. The thermostatic shower valve works by mixing the hot and cold water together in order to help maintain its temperature in the range that each user prefers. 

Thus, people who are looking for relaxing and convenient showers, should definitely check out the BAI bathtub mixers. Compatible with every type of shower head, body shower, shower jet, and spout by BAI, there is a wide variety of tub valves on our website, ready to be selected by you.