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 - - - - - 01/15/2016


Kris Bergstrom /

verified buyer

- - - - - 01/08/2015


Scott Madison

verified buyer

... Here are two photos (not the greatest pics, I'm afraid), of my installed sink. I get a lot of compliments on the sink- its size and quality of construction, and I've supplied BAI contact info to a few folks. I spent countless hours on the 'net looking for a sink. This particular BAI was just what I wanted (though if that roomy sink had been available with the large drainboard on both sides I'd have got that). Anyway, I don't recall seeing any sinks I liked better, and what I did see that was close in style cost hundreds of dollars more and was thinner gauge steel. This sink is sturdy and solid. My plumber was impressed.

I'm in the food biz, and this sink is the closest thing I found to a commercial sink, none of which are very suitable for domestic purposes. My kitchen remodel went for the industrial look- quarry tile floor, stainless commercial range, hood and appliances, maple butcher block counters- just like one of the kitchens at my biz. The faucet is a commercial T&S fixture with a "mini" spray hose (the standard sprayer is another 18" tall). The T&S faucet is bullet proof (have ten of them at my work kitchens), and the high pressure sprayer actually sprays, rather than dribbling like most domestic units do.

My only criticism of the sink is the location of the faucet hole, right in the center. Why would you put that there? Don't imagine very many people want to be able to run the water onto the drainboard. At least I didn't. Originally I mounted the faucet there, but it was a pain in the behinder- had to put an extra long nozzle on it to reach the sink compartment, and the dish rack got in the way of the faucet handles. So I moved it to the center and plugged the original hole. My recommendation is to leave the hole placement to the user- any plumber or reasonably handy person can cut a hole where it is wanted- then there is no need to plug the pre-bored hole if it is in an unwanted place. ...

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Victoria Homann

verified buyer

I absolutely love the sink. I would recommend it. I under mount  the sink. Used recycle glass for countertop. I love it

- - - - - 12/28/2015


 Mallory Smith

verified buyer

I wanted to say thank you so much! We have a toilet and love! Sending you photos below of the new bath with our new toilet installed and working! Thank you again!

- - - - - 12/28/2015


 Phil Alcock

verified buyer

... Please find attached pictures ... I bought several off you and love them. I actually need two more sets that I will order shortly...

- - - - - 12/28/2015


Francisco Mantecon

verified buyer

... Sink is perfect for our kitchen. My wife hated our first sink because she was against the wall and now this one gives her the space that she always wanted. Another thing that she really likes of the sink is that is deeper that most of sinks and extremely easy to clean since she is a clean Frick.
Great product you have Ted, congrats!! ...

- - - - - 12/15/2015


 Ms. Maeda

 verified buyer

 - - - - - - - 12/10/2015


 Gerald Ciolacu

verified buyer

... here is some pictures with the doors i installed the hardware i buy from you, thanks Gerald ...

 - - - - - 12/07/2015


 Andrew Bruex

 verified buyer

 ... First off we love these toilets. My wife is enamored with not only the beauty but the ability to remove the seat quickly for cleaning. I was impressed with the ease of installation.  The mylar transparent template made installation simple. Thank you all at megaBAI for sourcing such quality at great value. ...

 - - - - - 11/21/2015


 Wilfrid Stride

 verified buyer

... I have had this shower panel for several months and love it.

First the installation is different. Since the hot/cold water mixer is built in to the shower panel, the usual mixer in the wall is not used. In fact, installation is more like a washing machine, but without the drain. You will need to buy a wall box, (I used one by Sioux Chief) and also a pair of stop cocks.

Then it is a matter of hanging it from hooks, and using caulk to make it sturdier.

The looks are very nice and modern, maybe a bit big for a tiny bathroom. The stainless finish stays clean and attractive, but we do wipe it down after each use.

This model has a foot wash (= tub fill) Since many people will retrofit this into a bathroom with a tub, the tub fill is essential (and not found on many models). The rest of us start our shower by washing our feet while we adjust the temperature.

It has an amazing regular shower, maybe the best I have used. It also has a waterfall, which is nice, but we rarely use it. Most noticeable are the six horizontal showers. These are adjustable and we have to angle two of them to avoid hitting towels. There is a telephone-style handheld unit, which is really great.

Despite having so many functions, it is really easy to see which control does what. So easy in fact that there are no labels or markings on the panel. The main lever controls both the volume of water by swinging it in or out, and the temperature by turning clockwise or counter. If all the other controls are in the off position, nothing happens. The four regular knobs control the foot wash, the horizontal sprayers, the waterfall and the main shower. The panel design allows you to have as many of these running simultaneously as you want. One other control selects between the foot wash and the handheld unit.

Pros. It has everything I need.
It is not a water saving device. This is a good thing because you can have a real shower; it saves water because you don’t take so long as with the ones that only have a low pressure. Or you can reduce the pressure in the Sioux Chief box.

Cons. I was not comfortable with just hanging it; but then we don’t climb on it.

Suggestions. BAI should offer this model with different finishes. My wife wants one for the spare bathroom in bronze. BAI should offer this model with industrial strength mounting for use in hotels, etc. Also for households with teenagers. BAI may want to offer this model with thermostat control for families wit very young children.

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 Ric Pulley

verified buyer

- - - - - 11/19/2015


Jonathan Durand

verified buyer

 ... Here are two pictures of the BAI 1008
One piece contemporary toilet. Installed in my master bath remodel project.Shipping was fast and there was no damage unit(packaged well). The packing tape used to hold the tank lid down was extremely hard to remove even with goo gone. Maybe look into alternative way to ship tank lid.

Install is not very easy and you need a helper when lowering the unit onto floor mounting bolts.I knew it would be with style toilet,but it's a small price to pay for super clean look on the sides with no bolts showing and easy to clean.

The unit works great. Strong flush with less water.tank fills fast. It's super easy to clean. Soft close set is nice feature also. Great price and quality .looks great and everyone that has seen it comments on how much they like.

My wife and I both love it,thanks. ... 

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Robert Peterson

verified buyer

- - - - - 11/06/2015



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- - - - - 11/03/2015

Mikina Harrison

verified buyer

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 Nathalie Vergnolle

verified buyer

... Here is my feedback on the product:

We aboslutely love the look of the MegaBai 1237. Having drainboards on both sides is very convenient, and I also like having the extra space at the back of the sink to avoid staining my countertop with a wet sponge or dish soap.

On the down side, the stainless steel is very difficult to keep clean, it shows water marks regarless of how much or how often I clean it. If you have recommendations on what to do about that, I would appreciate.
Also, the bottom of the sink is too flat, so that it is difficult to evacuate dirt & water from it.

Overall we are very satisfied with this product for the price we paid. ...

- - - - - 10/28/2015


Moozafer Hasson

verified buyer

- - - - - 11/09/2015

Jake Fahlsing

verified buyer

... The linear shower drain is great. I get lots of compliments on it and I ended up just finishing it a couple of weeks ago ( I did all the work myself).

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Judy Davis

verified buyer

... Please find the attached picture showing the linear drain that we purchased from your company. My sister had a stroke and is paralyzed which means she is wheelchair bound. We installed a roll in shower the new drain works great! Water does not escape from the shower area and because it is flush with the floor, entrance to the shower is a breeze. I hope this picture is what you wanted. If you use this picture in your feedback area, would you send me a quick email letting me know so I can look at it.

Thank you so much for wanting to serve your customers and to improve your products if needed. Again, we are sincerely satisfied with our new drain. My brother will be installing a roll in shower in the very new future and I'm sure he will purchase a drain from you because we have been thrilled with it! ...

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 Yossi Gottehrer

verified buyer

... Great quality, very nice design, feels heavy, will keep on recommending 
BTW ... I specified this for a project last week in Brooklyn, he's very happy with it being installed now...

- - - - - 10/25/2015 



Danusia and Joe Giemza Pipe

verified buyer

... By way of feedback, we just wanted to let you know that we have at last moved into our adapted house and are really enjoying our beautiful new kitchen. The sink we bought from you works perfectly both in looks and function. My husband is an injured Serviceman and a wheelchair user, so adapting our home for him, in a style that suited his taste and needs, was important. The sink is wide enough and shallow enough for him to reach the bottom of the sink from above, but high enough not to obstruct his legs, and the lining on the sink protects his legs if they touch the bottom of the sink. It is also accessible to our children, who can use the sink without ending up with soaking wet sleeves! The quality of the steel is wonderful. Its both solid and refined - exactly what I wanted. Even our kitchen fitters remarked on the quality.

I looked far and wide for a suitable sink for a wheelchair users, and none were suitable, in height, depth or quality. The specialist "disabled" products were ridiculously expensive, and having a fabricator make a bespoke sink in the UK was out of the question. So I am so glad I discovered your website. Even though it is always a bit of a punt buying blind, this sink is exactly what we were looking for, and a price (even importing it to the UK!) that we could afford.

Your customer service and communication was also wonderful, professional, patient and friendly - a welcome relief in my chaotic life! If you have any other UK customers considering buying from you, I would be more than happy to show them our beautiful sink!

Thank you!

- - - - - 10/14/2015


 Colleen Herrman

verified buyer

... Thank you so much MegaBai!! I couldn't be any happier!  It was a pleasure doing business with you and for my next project, I know where I'm looking ? ...

- - - - - 10/09/2015


Igor Glina

verified buyerw

- - - - - 10/03/2015  


Blue Fin Homes LLC

verified buyer

... love your product and will be looking to purchase more soon. Also if you would like to make my company an account for easy ordering would be great.  Thank you! ...

- - - - - 10/01/2015




 Lizbeth Parrales

verified buyer

... Love the door handles I purchased from MegaBAI. They are really good quality (very sturdy) and the design is very sleek and contemporary which is exactly what I was looking for. I have received many complements on them. They added the perfect touch to my home at a fair price. Crazy how just the right door handle can transform a space. Easy to install. Will definitely recommend and buy door handles from MegaBAI again...

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 David Zybin

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 Ravi Iyer

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 Carol Carlins

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Marty Smith

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