Shower Holders and Sliding Bars

Check out the advance series of wall mounting shower brackets with the best quality.  

Finding the best shower accessories, that offers you the gift of comfort and relaxation, is no longer a tough task. The advance shower holders by BAI are always ready to serve you. The world class range of shower slide bars and shower holders of our company will allow you to move the shower head as often as you wish.  Some of them are designed with an outlet and inlet connector in the slide bar that is compatible with every standard shower hose. Apart from this, an adjustable mounting bracket is also there to simplify the process of adjusting the hand shower.

The sliding shower bars by BAI are designed with a solid brass and polished with chrome finish. They are available with the facility of 3-year warranty and also possess a secure mounting assembly. Users are thusly able to choose the best product to suit their needs. Furthermore, all the hardware required for installation of the sliding bar is included in the set.

 Moreover, apart from premium sliding shower handles, you can also find standard shower brackets here. Even better, they are totally compatible with the design of our collection of hand showers and hoses.  No need to gloss over the process of checking and testing any part of our products, all BAI products are durable and high quality accessories that will last for many years to come.