Handheld Showers and Hoses

Advance hand showers, find the best choice here.

 MegaBAI has recently introduced a wide variety of shower hoses and heads with advanced features. The latest line of BAI handheld showers is made up of solid brass featuring soft rubber spray jets. It allows the user lots of ease for cleaning the calcium and lime just with a finger touch. No matter if want to install the modern hand held shower with shower holders or shower hoses, it is compatible to all kinds of BAI products. 

BAI hand held showers have become a highly preferred item by many customers. What’s more, their solid construction, polished chrome finishes, makes them highly aesthetically pleasing. 

Being one of the best bathroom accessories suppliers, BAI’s innovatively designed shower heads, hand held showers, body showers, shower jets are always a sure thing. With outstanding customer service, we take great care of customers’ choice and demand of reasonability with each and every product we create. Our range of PVC hoses is also popular among customers for its advanced functionality and satisfactory services. We promise to offer the excellent quality with style and durability.